As the leaves declare their independence and leave the tree, they actually start their fall to the ground just to rot.

Would you agree with this?

It was not possible to think that leaving the facts that we grew up with at times would distract us from life.

Rejecting the facts that existed as a source in the beginning and that are not perceived over time keeps us away from the beauties that we are likely to encounter during the process, but if we remember that every living thing exists in a delicate balance, we may understand that the falling of the leaves is a part of the transformation.

The leaves must declare their independence and be swept away so that we can follow autumn and then meet the winter. It is not possible to know that in winter, which creatures can be offered to live, which creatures can be taken away from life…

Image of Maddy Baker from Unsplash

If I were to share my own opinion, I would like to declare the freedom of the leaves and watch them rot in areas where the climate and living conditions are suitable. Those leaves would rot so that new ones could sprout.

In my opinion, we are just like trees. When the conditions of life change and the time comes for change, we should let some of the people we grew up with to leave us so that we can blossom with new ones. We cannot always continue with the same leaves!

When the time comes, we need to let them leave us and take some time for ourselves for our own improvement. When that leaf falls to the ground, perhaps it will shade an insect and prevent possible dangers. In this collective union, where each of us affects each other, we should always respect every living thing and take care not to prevent the process and not to affect the process negatively.

We have to admit that development and change always continue. We have to admit that the vitality continues and it is more than me or you. It belongs to a unique, different frequency that each of us co-create.

Now, may it be your turn to create and share? Are you ready to give up on things which were once with you in order to survive and adapt to change?

This writing has been previously published in Turkish on Türkçe Yayın.



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